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Welcome to the most fun page on my website!!!! In case you didn't already know, I'm Bethany, and I couldn't be more excited to meet you!! Keep scrolling to see who I am and what I love.


I love anything music and people-related, and I like creating aesthetically pleasing spaces in my life. Can I tell you another random fact about me? I love rollercoasters. Take me anytime. :)

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About Me


I've been a musician since I was five-years-old and have perfect pitch which is kind of cool. Growing up in a large family (there's thirteen of us), I've always gotten along with all different ages and I love to learn what makes people unique in their different personalities.

I love traveling whether it's a long car trip or flying somewhere, Christian Apologetics fascinates me, I wish summer would always be in my life, I am obsessed with music, and I love creating various videos for my personal YouTube channel. I make a lot of music covers, I've done a couple vlogs, and I've even done a fun game video challenge with my siblings!

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